Planting Trowel Old Dutch Style – Cherry Wood

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The planting trowel by Sneeboer Tools has sharp sides and a pointed end allowing you to cut easily through the soil for all your planting and gardening needs. Use it for planting bulbs, seedlings and small plants or use the large head for breaking and turning the soil. The planting trowel can even be used to separate smaller perennials. The forged stainless steel head will stay sharp and provide you with a lifetime of service. Usage: The way to use this trowel is totally different to the norm, instead of the usual scooping action, you use it the same way one would use an axe. The weight is heavy and the balance is different. Penetrate the soil (you need the weight) move the trowel forwards and backwards and you have a perfect planting hole. This planting trowel is hand forged from stainless steel and fitted with your choice of a cherry hardwood handle from Certified forests.

All products are handmade and the handle is made of wood which is a natural material. As such, color deviations and irregularities are possible.

Cherry Wood and Stainless Steel

Width of head 13 cm
Length of handle 14 cm
Total length 30 cm

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