Hand made, small-batch breakfast goods, produced in the farm bakery of our small boutique hotel in coastal southern Sweden (Österlen).

Mouthwatering taste, the right amount of crunch and a kick of sweetness – a golden glow and a textured feel – breakfast should be a multi-sensory experience. Try ours, you might like it. 


Handmade in small batches

There’s a lot of “hands-on” involved in our cereal making All the grains, seeds, and nuts are roasted, low and slow, in our farm bakery here in Örum, Löderup (Sweden), tray by tray. And When all the right ingredients have been prepped and assembled, we scoop and seal the product ourselves, jar by jar, pouch by pouch, 

To give it that crispy crunch, we like our muesli baked, almost on par with granola. To enhance the overall taste, we add a splash of apple juice, bringing sweetness into the game. 


Gröt (porridge) is probably not a Scandinavian invention, though it is a common start of Scandinavian days. Historically, it has sustained the careers of many a skier and hockey player up here in the north. We make one of our porridges with einkorn wheat instead of the more common oat. Domesticated use of einkorn wheat dates back some 12.000 years, and compared to modern, industrially adapted wheat it grows higher and therefore sends its roots deeper, enabling it to suck up more of that good stuff underground. Einkorn is also the grain base of all our mueslis.

Good, non-neurotic stuff

While our cereals are not life-prolonging superfood elixirs, they’re not stress-grown, overly sugary, empty pools of carbs either. They’re worthy antagonists to the latter and perfectly competent partners to the former, with mouth-watering palettes of taste and texture to them. Good, non-neurotic stuff, in short. All hand made in small batches. 

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»In my experience, a good day invariably starts with a good breakfast. Scandinavians take the first meal of the day pretty seriously, choosing from a selection of seasonal fruit and berries, yoghurt, cold meat, fish, cheese, muesli or porridge, boiled eggs or omelettes and of course freshly baked bread, buns and pastries. While few of us have the time (or indeed appetite) for quite such a sumptuous meal first thing in the morning, I do find that a healthy, filling breakfast – hot, cold, sweet or savoury – puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step.«

/Signe Johansen (writer)




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Örum 119

A few years ago, we opened the doors to Örum 119, our little hideaway hotel in the sea-breezed countryside of southern Sweden. We had asked the wind about the scarcities of the near future – ”time”, it howled, huffing and puffing on our doorstep. And from there on, harnessing time and putting as much of it into the few select things we do, became our guiding principle, hoping for it to spill over into the conversations our creations accompany.

The bakery

Opening a farm bakery in 2022 was a natural decision for us. Our breakfast and wood-oven baked pizzas had long been well sought after in the world of dough and crust. With Jesper Elmqvist at the helm, our bakery quickly became vital to our mission, breathing life into fluffy pastries, buns, and loaves, uniting breakfast, fika, lunch, and dinner into one warm and golden theme. The secret of Jesper’s baking is high-hydration sourdoughs, puff pastry, and time. Nothing in here is hurried. Every little lactic acid bacterium is given time to ferment and bloom, to develop taste and flavor to the fullest.

This is also where our mueslis and granolas are baked, and our porridge is mixed and measured, all under the watchful eye of Jesper and Co – taking their sweet time about it.

Curious about Örum 119? Visit: www.orum119.se


Stop dragging around your breakfast-questions and morning meal-ponderings on your own. We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line and we’ll take things from there.